"For false prophets shall arise and produce great works and wonders so as to lead astray and deceive."
— James, to Henry Langstonsrc

James Goodman is a character on ABC's Resurrection. He debuts in Prophecy (season 2) and is last seen in the series finale. James is portrayed by John Parrack.


James was a conman in the past.

According to Jenny Thompson, he healed people and brought them back from the dead in the 1930s.[1]


James died trying to save a six-month-old Robert Thompson during the Arcadia flood in 1934.[2] He told Bellamy this event changed his life and gave him purpose, forcing him to stop his conning and to be good instead.[1]


James is a triple Return.

First ReturnEdit

James returned in a field with a tree, where he prayed and was struck by lightning. He went to Twain's, where Elaine Richards tried to help him as he muttered about saving a boy. He later ran into Jenny Thompson at the same bar and met Bellamy.[2]

After Henry Langston died, he promised the Langstons he would try to bring Henry back, but needed Bellamy. Frederick Langston fired the fatal shot, causing James to fall into the grave he'd dug for himself.[1]

Second ReturnEdit

Having proven his abilities to Bellamy, the two paired up to figure out the purpose of the Returned, for James believed they were all back for a reason. After hearing from Jacob Langston that Margaret Langston made his aunt, Barbara Langston, disappear, James was determined to contact her at the government facility and find out how to make all the other Returned disappear as well.

Bellamy found James pulling poisonous berries he called "weeds" and told James he had a way to get him into the facility. James held a communion service in a room full of the Returned who resided there and convinced Margaret into working together because he'd found a way out. Angela Forrester was alerted of the issue and, with Bellamy, arrived at the room to find every Returned dead.

Bellamy deduced that James had poisoned them all via the wine.[3]

Third ReturnEdit

James preached to the Returned he "freed" from the facility, minus Margaret, that Rachael's baby is a "beast" or the antichrist because it was conceived in death.[4]


  • His grave references Psalm 34:4: "I sought the Lord and he heard me and delivered me from all my fears."[1]


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