Lucille Langston is Jacob Langston's mother. She is a main character on ABC's Resurrection.




Jacob Lucille loves Jacob. They have a ver strong bond; at first, she was the only one that felt happy when Jacob returned. She believed it was him since the first time she saw him.

Family treeEdit

Mrs. Langston
Edward Langston
Margaret Langston*
Warren Langston
Lucille Langston
Henry Langston*Frederick Langston
Barbara Langston*
Sam Catlin
Jacob Langston*
Maggie Langston

denotes the deceased.
* denotes Returned.
* Returned, then vanished.
Familial article: Langston family

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Memorable quotesEdit

S1Ep4 : Letting him go was not a betrayal. It was right, and that's what you need to do.