A Returned is someone who died and returned to the living. Currently, this supernatural phenomenon only happens to people born in Arcadia, Missouri.


"Returned" is used to refer to someone who has returned from the dead, because the phenomenon of their return gives the impression that a replica was made. Their dead body remains intact and dead, so it's not a revival in that respect.

Plural forms of "Returned" used thus far are "Returneds", by Martin Bellamy, and "Returns", by Maggie Langston.

Someone who has died and returned to life multiple times is called a Double Returned, Triple Returned, etc.


Dr. Maggie Langston brought in Dr. Eric Ward for consults on the phenomenon.[1] While he discovered a pattern between the Returned and where people might show up next, they didn't determine anything else; the pattern fell through once more Returned began showing up.[2]


Every Returned notes the need to return "home", referring to Arcadia as their home, even if they don't have a physical home anymore and their loved ones are all gone.

As with the Richards family, Maggie and Fred Langston learned Barbara Langston true colors. Fred did not take to this kindly and, out of jealousy, revealed to Colonel Austryn Everest Stone the Returned by showing him Rachael Braidwood's corpse.[3] Thus, an effect of Returneds regards bringing to light who people are. Fred's dark side was revealed to Maggie, while Caleb's old habits came to light despite living unscathed in his previous life.

After Margaret Langston returned, a virus began spreading throughout all Returns.


Margaret Langston told Jacob Langston a bedtime story about a happy family in a village who had to deal with some "demons". Even if they dealt with them, they returned. Nothing worked to rid the village of the demons, but as time passed, only the grown, "brave little girl" of the happy family was still alive to remember the demons and the secret to banish them for good...even after the little girl had become a demon herself.[4]

At the park with Barbara Langston, Margaret manipulates and convinces her to choose to stop living so she can vanish without returning.[5]


Before deathEdit

After returningEdit

  • Return from the dead[7]
  • Feel the presence of Returneds - A.D. by Jacob Langston
  • Disappear - A.D. by Caleb Richards[6]
  • Feel the emotions and mimic actions of Returneds - A.D. by Jacob[2]
  • Might be able to cure leukemia[2]

Notable ReturnedEdit


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